We actually would like to go Karimunjawa Islands but we ran out of the tickets for the ferry, so we explored three beaches in Jepara instead. They were not bad! Those beaches are: Pantai Bondo, Pantai Empu Rancak, and Pantai Bandengan. 

pantai indah di jepara

Before going, we ate Nasi Padang and you can watch Daniel reaction eating that spicy food. We enjoyed those three beaches and in our opinion, Bondo Beach is pretty instagrammable and has a lot of nice spots to take pictures, Empu Rancak Beach is quiet cause there were not many people when we got there (the sand is very clean here though!), and Bandengan Beach is the one with the most crowd (it reminded me of Kuta Beach in Bali). You will watch in this video that Bandengan Beach has indeed so many visitors as it is the most popular beach in Jepara. Daniel bought a new hat there at Bandengan Beach and we enjoyed the sunset view before we got back to our homestay and prepared for the next day's trip to Karimunjawa Islands!

The gear that I used to make this video: GoPro Hero 6 Black. If you like the video, please give the thumbs up. For more videos, consider subscribing and hitting the notification bell. Thanks for watching!

Location: Jepara, Jepara Sub-District, Jepara Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

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