My German boyfriend ate too much that day! We walked from C3 Hotel where he stayed to a food place that sells Gado-gado. Many said it is Indonesian version of salad. Then we walked along S Parman street, got into Alfamart to buy drinks and snacks. 

bule makan street food

Next we found Es Pisang Ijo (Iced Green Banana) and Es Campur. Daniel was already feeling full after eating those two desserts, lol. We continued walking and went to Olive Fried Chicken to eat one fried chicken. It was sooo yummy and cheap! Daniel was interested in taking some pictures of buildings in Ungaran, such as mosque and government buildings. Later on we found Es Oyen, which is a typical dessert from Ungaran. This is Daniel's favorite since it has avocado in it. The price is also cheaper compared to Es Pisang Ijo and Es Campur. Actually we could add durian to it, but Daniel was afraid of trying Durian for the first time, lol. Daniel already gave up eating and we decided to go to Swalayan Luwes (Luwes Store), which is like a small version of "mall" in Ungaran. We got to the grocery section and bought some snacks. Later on we went to second floor because Daniel would like to see the electronics and other stuff there, including the kids playground. We also tried two different Walls ice cream, in coconut flavor and red bean flavor. It was his first time trying ice cream in red bean flavor, which is so unique and he would not find that flavor in his country.

To go back to C3 Hotel, we rode on Kopata (a small yellow public vehicle in Ungaran). When we got to his room, I showed a bit of view from his window pane. He really liked staying in that room because he could see the road from above, as well as the view of Ungaran mountain. In the evening, we ate at Aneka Sari restaurant with my mom. He chose Mie Ayam (chicken noodle) and Seafood Soup for dinner, and not to forget: sambal. We've been to Aneka Sari many times, cause it is located beside C3 Hotel Ungaran. The food is always so delicious and the restaurant itself is pretty spacious. Lastly, he tried Onde-onde, a sticky rice snack filled with sweet mung bean paste. The Onde-onde were brought by my mom and Daniel liked it so much! Haha, I know it was a long list of food that Daniel ate that day, but I just wanna show you that foreigner can be so curious about Indonesian food. The gear that I used to make this video: GoPro Hero 6 Black. If you like the video please give the thumbs up, and if you don't like it just give the thumbs down :). For more videos, do hit the subscribe button and the notification bell. Thanks for watching! :)

Location: Ungaran, East Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

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