We finally got the tickets to go to Karimunjawa Islands! These islands are indeed a hidden paradise in Java, Indonesia! 

bule snorkeling di karimunjawa

We snorkeled and had a good time there enjoying the clean beautiful underwater view. About Karimunjawa: Karimunjawa is a hidden paradise of Java, is an archipelago of 27 islands north of Semarang and off the coast of Central Java. The main island is Karimun and the second island is Kemujan. The two islands are like twins, just side by side and often mistaken one of another. Karimunjawa name literally means a stone’s throw from Java in Javanese. Karimunjawa islands are about 80 km northwest of Jepara, a small town in Central Java. It can be reached by a ferry boat from Kartini Port in Jepara for about 3 hours. The best time to go Karimunjawa would be during the dry season of April to October where the weather would be consistent sunny but humid.

The gear that I used to make this video: GoPro Hero 6 Black (in waterproof case). Please like, subscribe and comment. Thanks for watching! :)

Location: Karimun Java, Indonesia

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